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Is Gala Gordon wearing Seb’s epic hat? [Kids in Love wrap party September 16 2013, @SianJJenkins]

@sebastiandesouza: The Easter Bunny Causes Trouble

April flowers

@sebastiandesouza: Happy Easter Everyone! It’s a busy one…


@sebdesouza: Have had the best day. Thank you all for making everyday really cool. Lots of love, Sebba X pic.twitter.com/lFVS0p2kzf

know ur supposed to act cool on Twitter… u all know I’m no good at doing that… So you should know… was overwhelmed by all the messages.

Thx 4 being the total bunch a Gs you are. Ur all mega stars. Night pic.twitter.com/wuquoCRG7Z

Seb replied with this smile!!! Lucky fans we are, he’s a special one! (xx)

@prestonthompson: 21 coming for ya! Happy Birthday @sebastiandesouza

HeyUGuys On Set: Will Poulter, Alfie Allen & More on Friends and Frauds Film Plastic

Will Poulter: “I wake up at crazy-o’clock – normally, not today, which has been nice – then I come in. I go straight into make up and costume, and then we might head to one of the locations, or the sets we’ve built here. Do a rehearsal, do a block through. Piss around with Seb and Ed and Alfie – there’s always a lot of banter with them – and then we shoot the day away. We’ve been doing a lot of night shoots. A lot of split days as well, so for example, like today, you come in at eleven, and you’re finishing at one or something like that. Or you’re coming in at three or four, for a five o’clock start, and you don’t finish until four or five in the morning the next day. So that’s kind of the average day, but it’s been really enjoyable. I think having people like Alfie, and Ed, and Seb and Emma on set, makes it really enjoyable experience”.

And he’s not alone. The one constant in the interviews and conversations on set is how close the team, particularly the cast, have become. And the hope is that this translates onto the screen.

Alfie Allen: “I’d say the relationships that you see on screen in this are weirdly quite real, in real life. There’s definitely been acting involved, but we’ve had a lot of dynamics in real life to draw upon.”

Fans Corner - Birthday Messages from fans

This is a little simple thing I organized for Sebastian de Souza’s birhday, a page with photos and messages from fans. I just tweeted Sebastian!

Many thanks to @theborgiasITA @SivaneB @SkinsPhotos @SkinsBrasil__ @lilly_Massey @maddieeewillis @Olivia_Lowry @Funrauhl @utopiaestelar @pollyfuckit mirtobrando allshkspr @kikil0u @FreyaMavorDaily and I edited the theme made by nutty-themes. In particular I want to send a big thank you to @deppmaniaDMFC, Elena, who runs the most beautiful italian site about Johnny Depp and she’s written a beautiful letter, always supports our site! Love her.

This space won’t disappear after Seb’s birthday and will keep gathering fans things whenever you want me to add your messages on the slide.



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